Back to School Spending

That Won’t Break Your Piggy Bank

It’s that time of year again. Summer vacations are winding down, and parents are busily preparing for the upcoming school year. Buying new clothes, school supplies, and extracurricular activity doo-dads can spike upon household spending in August and September. Here are a few strategies to stretch those dollars and diminish the budget pinch.

Millennials & Relationship with Money

Money Bankroll: Millennials Attitude Toward Money?According to a study by Forbes and Elite Daily, Millennials are coming into their own. This demographic comprises 80 Million Americans, a fourth of our entire population. They wield $200 billion in annual buying power. Many of my clients fall into this group and I find they embody many characteristics that I admire. It got me thinking about this generation — dubbed the Me Me Me Generation and the Next Greatest Generation — and their habits and attitude about money.  My research led me to have an interesting conversation with my 21-year old son.