Imagine If…

All your bills were paid.
Your paperwork was up to date and in order.
You had peace of mind by having a workable spending plan in place. 

At Fiscally Fit we’re dedicated to easing the stress of managing your financial life. We offer a variety of services to do just that.

Financial Organizing

Financial organizing can mean many things to different people. The obvious is simply filing papers. Fiscally Fit offers several services to organize your papers and data:

  • Filing: Are you overwhelmed with papers everywhere?  Do you spend more time than you’d like trying to find that one statement, receipt, or bill?  Fiscally Fit will bring order to your paperwork by setting up and maintaining an easy to use file system.  
  • Tax Organizing: Gone are the days of bringing a shoebox of receipts to your tax accountant! Fiscally Fit maintains your data throughout the year.  We will provide reports and supporting material to your accountant and fill out tax organizers as needed.
  • Record Retention: Can you locate important financial documents? Do you keep every statement and receipt “just in case”?  Fiscally Fit will provide guidance on what to keep, how long to keep it, and why. No more huge piles of old grocery receipts or telephone bills.  We will even help you whittle down those old tax files.
  • Personal Records:  If someone had to take over your financial and administrative life, would they know what to do and where to find everything to take over seamlessly? Are you able to find all your information easily? Fiscally Fit will compile a complete inventory of your personal information, financial accounts (including credit card and investment accounts), medical information, important account contacts, vehicles, household information, online accounts and access information, and the location of your estate documents. 
  • Paper or Virtual: Whether you like hard copies or virtual, Fiscally Fit will store your information the way you prefer.  We will provide guidance on securely storing your information.

There are as many ways to organize papers and information as there are clients. If what you’re using works, we won’t change it. If what you’re using doesn’t work, together we’ll create a system that does. Then, Fiscally fit maintains it in an orderly fashion.

Household Bookkeeping

How do you know how you stand with your day-to-day finances? Knowing your income and expenses is as an important aspect of managing your personal finances.

  • Timely: Fiscally Fit provides regular bookkeeping on a scheduled determined by you.
  • Accurate: We use personal finance software for efficiency and accuracy.
  • Tailored: Receive reports with information you want. Whether it’s high level or transaction detail, our reports are easy to read. Your categories are tailored to fit your unique needs. For example, if you have more than one child attending college, their educational expenses can be tracked separately for tax reporting purposes.

CPA & Estate Coordination

Fiscally Fit assists professionals, including attorneys, accountants, investment advisors, geriatric care managers, professional guardians, and powers of attorney. We help them manage their clients’ daily financial details. We can work directly with the advisor or clients, providing oversight and administration of day-to-day affairs.

  • Reports: We can provide reports to CPAs or other estate professionals such as financial planners and estate attorneys.
  • Coordination: We often complement the work of legal, tax and investment professionals to support clients’ long-term financial goals.
  • Connect: We connect clients when they need referrals to the right professionals.

Spending Plans

No matter your economic situation, knowing how your money is spent is critical to planning. Whether you’re concerned with paying down debt, saving for retirement or college, or planning a special purchase or trip, having a spending plan will help you achieve your goals. Fiscally Fit is experienced in providing cash flow reports, developing spending plans, and helping clients maintain accountability to achieve their financial commitments and goals.


With our bookkeeping system and attention to detail, we keep track of your financial data. You and your financial team receive detailed reports. Every transaction is categorized, capturing important data for tax return preparation, income and spending clarification, and monitoring your progress to achieve your financial goals.

  • Personal Financial Statement: By comparing personal financial statements over time, clients can track how their financial health is improving or deteriorating. Personal financial statements are helpful in tracking wealth and goals, as well as applying for credit.
  • Income Statement: You’ll receive a summary of your income and expenses so you can track net income over time.
  • Net Worth: A net worth report shows assets minus liabilities. It also reflects what an individual will have in cash if they sold off all their assets and paid off all their debts.

Bill Payment

Life happens. You may experience a temporary illness or suddenly need someone to quickly step in to pay your bills. It might not matter if your phone bill is late, but a late or missed life insurance premium can mean a policy lapse. Fiscally Fit will develop an easy-to-see consolidate system for paying your bills. We document, create, and maintain a record of what comes of out and from where, as well as tracking the amount and due date.

Affordable Pricing

Our fees are affordable, and often are offset by the savings we frequently generate by avoiding unnecessary fees, penalties, duplicated services and reduced expenses by implementing a reasonable spending plan. After an initial complimentary 30-minute consultation, we’ll create a plan designed specifically to meet your needs. 

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