A Career With Fiscally Fit, Inc.

Have you been looking for a role that provides you with an opportunity to make another person’s life better? Are you seeking the flexibility of helping others while also maintaining your personal interests and development? If so, the role of an Assistant Daily Money Manager could be just the role for you.

Assistant Daily Money Manager

At Fiscally Fit, Inc., we value you for your individual talents and abilities. We are a supportive team environment that provides training and mentoring to ensure that you are successful in your role as an Assistant Daily Money Manager. There is a career development path toward earning your certification as a Daily Money Manager registered through the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM).

Fiscally Fit, Inc. is committed to providing outstanding customer service. We deliver:

  • Trusting relationships with our clients
  • Timely, accurate reports
  • Confidentiality, security
  • Organized and efficiently managed personal finances

Members of our team are expected to enhance team effectiveness as well as attract and acquire new clients for the team.

The Assistant Daily Money Manager may have the following duties:

  • Set-up & Maintain Bill-Paying Systems (manual, online, automatic)
  • Audit & Reconcile Accounts
  • Create Workable Spending Plans
  • Organize Bills, Tax Records & Other Important Papers
  • Provide Reports (Income, Expenses, Cash Flow)
  • Identify & Resolve Billing Errors
  • Coordinate with Accountants, Attorneys & Other Professionals
  • Manage Household Payroll (Caregivers, Daycare)
  • Set-up Filing Systems
  • And Much More…

Qualifications & Requirements

  • Warm and friendly
  • Trustworthy and have impeccable integrity
  • Comfortable with technology and working remotely
  • Patient and non-judgmental
  • People Oriented
  • Some Quicken and Excel experience would be helpful but not absolutely necessary.


Part Time – flexibility to suit your schedule while meeting the needs of our clients

About Us

Fiscally Fit, Inc. is dedicated to helping our clients ease the stress in their lives by providing a variety of financial services tailored to their needs. Our clients include:

  • Seniors – assisting with important personal papers like medical insurance, bill paying, and managing household finances.
  • Professionals – creating systems for paying bills on time, organizing tax records and other important paperwork associated with a busy lifestyle.
  • Families – setting up financial and filing systems so they can stay focused on caring for their families.

How to Apply

Email hr@fiscallyfit.us with the following information and answers to these questions:

  1. Your name, phone number
  2. Your salary requirements
  3. Attach a current resume
  4. Explain why you’ll be successful as a Fiscally Fit Daily Money Manager
  5. Describe your past experience and how it will make you successful in this position
  6. Share why you’re the right person for this position


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