Feeling Thankful

snowy mountain
Mount Bachelor in Oregon is photographed from a distance to create this nature scenic landscape of the snow-capped mountain.

It’s Sunday evening, November 22, 2020.  I am in Sun River, Oregon, on the last day of a weeklong semi-vacation with my partner. As I sit next to the fire in this lovely rented condo, snow outside the window, I feel so much gratitude for so many things.

Cozy fire with bookFor years I’ve been aware of the research that shows that feeling grateful has a profound effect on one’s emotional and even physical health.  I am a huge fan of recognizing and expressing gratitude, and even during this incredibly difficult year, I think it is even more important to acknowledge the many things for which I am grateful.


Where would I be without the support and encouragement from my family? The unconditional love and confidence in my abilities that my family shows me every day is the rock upon which I stand. This year especially, when the pandemic threatened to undermine my business, my family’s emotional support was instrumental in my ability to navigate the new world of supporting my team during this uncertain time. My daughter, who lives 400 miles away in another state, and who I cannot visit during COVID-19 lockdowns, stays engaged with me regularly via Skype. My sister, who lives in VA, has taken on the overwhelming (to me) job of managing our social media, and in the process we’ve become even closer. My partner is steadfast in helping out when I feel like I just can’t do anything more. He makes dinner, is there to listen, and is a willing participant in taking impromptu hikes just to get some fresh air.

First Responders and Essential Workers

It’s been said many times, and I am indeed so grateful for the healthcare workers, grocery workers, mail and delivery workers, utility workers, farmers, education and childcare workers, and everyone else who do those things to keep us safely “up and running.”  And beyond the pandemic, our area suffered terrible and devastating wildfires in both rural forest and urban areas. The unqualified bravery of the fire fighters is absolutely heroic in the highest order. The people who stepped up immediately to help the victims are in that class as well. My gratitude to them is huge and will live forever.

Fiscally Fit Team

We have the best team bar none. During all this uncertainty they have stayed the course with calmness, the ability to pivot to remote work, and the creativity to brainstorm solutions to difficult problems. Every Monday they all show up to our weekly meetings with a positive attitude.  I am so grateful to them for their support and belief that we will survive this into better times.

Our Clients

During this most challenging year we have not lost one client. Not a single one.  As we have had to find new ways to serve our clients, they too have pivoted and worked with us so that we can all be safe while getting the job done. Because of their faith in us, we’ve been able to keep everyone on our team employed.  Our clients are all incredible people, and it is truly an honor that they allow us into their lives as they do.

Professional Community

My professional community consists of partners with whom we share referrals, and my colleagues at the American Association of Daily Money Managers, our national trade association. Without either of these groups of people, we simply would not exist. Because we cannot meet in person during the pandemic, we have changed how we connect. And connect we do! Virtual meetings abound, information and support are generously given, the referrals continue, and we are not alone. And for that I am grateful.

Alison & Andy in the car
Happily homeward bound after a great little get-away.

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and as cases of COVID-19 surge across the country, so many of us are restricted from having family gatherings.  Even though it will be only the two of us celebrating Thanksgiving at our house this year, the level of our gratitude is no less.  My wish for you is that you too will find many things for which to be grateful.

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