2014 52-Week Saving Challenge

Day One of 3662014 is right around the corner. Hopefully you’re keeping to your holiday budget to avoid the New Year’s credit card hangover. In preparation of the New Year, I’d like to share a 52-week money challenge. It was originally posted on SavingABuck.com in January 2013. I love it so much that I’m sharing it with you.

Challenges Uncover Money Behavior

My clients already know I’m all about realistic spending plans. I routinely use a 7-day Challenge to uncover money habits that may be sabotaging financial goals. This year-long challenge is a fun way to start a saving habit. As you look at the saving schedule, what feelings come up? Does it sound too easy? too hard? Whatever you’re feeling, pay attention. Think about the lessons about money you learned early in life… as that shapes our present financial habits.

Starting Slow

The good news is the challenge starts off slow — in case your December/January credit card payments take a bigger bite out of your monthly budget than they usually do. If you’re not happy with how you handled the holidays (fiscally speaking), then now is the time to prepare for 2014’s Holiday Season.

Be Creative

Many of the SavingABuck participants posted great ideas on how to keep this challenge top of mind throughout the year:

  • Print out the calendar and check off each week as you save
  • Start backwards so you’re saving more at the beginning of the year. You’ll earn more interest and take off pressure during the holidays
  • Set up a separate savings account where you can’t access easily (avoiding temptation for a mid-year treat)
  • Get the whole family involved
  • Challenge friends to keep you all accountable

So… are you in? Will you join me on this 52-Week Challenge? If not, what’s your financial intention for 2014? 

52-Week Money Challenge


Please note: Week 49 balance should read “1225.00.“




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