Imagine If…

All your bills were paid.
Your paperwork was up to date and in order.
You had peace of mind by having a workable spending plan in place.

Fiscally Fit, Inc. helps with a variety of services, including…

  • Set-up & Maintain Bill-Paying Systems (manual, online, automatic)
  • Audit & Reconcile Accounts
  • Create Workable Spending Plans
  • Organize Bills, Tax Records & Other Important Papers
  • Provide Reports (Income, Expenses, Cash Flow)
  • Identify & Resolve Billing Errors
  • Coordinate with Accountants, Attorneys & Other Professionals
  • Set-up Household Bookkeeping & Filing Systems
  • Serve as notary public for clients’ official documents
  • And Much More…

Affordable Pricing

Our fees are affordable, and often are offset by the savings we frequently generate by avoiding unnecessary fees, penalties, duplicated services and reduced expenses by implementing a reasonable spending plan. After an initial complimentary 30-minute consultation, we’ll create a plan designed specifically to meet your needs. Clients who commit to services by weekly or monthly retainer receive an additional savings.