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Your Parents’ Estate: Sorting, Sifting, Shedding Stuff

A Lifetime of Memories & Accumulation As a follow-up to my Estate Planning: Fairness & Entitlemania article, I wanted to touch upon what happens to our parent’s earthly belongings once they pass. This topic hits particularly close to home since … Continue reading

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Marrying Over 50: Money Tips Before Getting Hitched

Love Is Ageless, Not Necessarily Priceless Over 2 million Americans get married every year. And many of those newlyweds have a few grey hairs ;). According to Pew Research, divorce rates have climbed for those 50+. It’s becoming so common … Continue reading

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Estate Planning: Fairness & “Entitlemania”

Talk to any daily money manager, financial advisor or CPA, and we all agree that having a current estate plan is a must, especially if you own real estate. But there’s an underbelly to estate planning that many don’t like … Continue reading

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Back to School Spending

That Won’t Break Your Piggy Bank It’s that time of year again. Summer vacations are winding down, and parents are busily preparing for the upcoming school year. Buying new clothes, school supplies, and extracurricular activity doo-dads can spike upon household … Continue reading

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Advice When Managing a Parent’s Finances

If you’re part of the sandwich generation — where you’re caring for children and aging parents — life can get pretty hectic. Especially if you’re managing your parent’s finances. Over the years we’ve seen what methods work best and what … Continue reading

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Student Debt Hinders Retirement

Impacting Many Seniors Author Note: Lauren Davidson, a Millennial with student debt just trying to make a dent. At $1.4 trillion, runaway student loan debt is now viewed as the next big bubble that could cripple the economy as the … Continue reading

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Is It Time to Retire or Start a Second Career?

For many of us over fifty, the idea of retirement is an enticing dream. Ditch the Silicon Valley commute. Eliminate the stress of a 40+ hour work week. Spend more time doing what we love. Yet only 60% of workers … Continue reading

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Frugal Summer Vacations

With Memorial Day officially behind us, summer vacations are just around the corner. Is there a way to have a great vacation and be frugal at the same time? Yes! I’ll share some of my best tips learned over the … Continue reading

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Credit Card Rate Hikes

The Fed increased interest rates for the second time in three months on March 15. It’s made headline news. There have been hints of additional hikes in 2017. So what does this mean for the 157 million Americans who hold … Continue reading

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Bye Bye 2016 Tax Returns

Hello 2017 Tax Planning The 2016 tax return season is officially behind us. Well, unless you filed an extension. For many of my clients (and my staff), we’re breathing a sigh of relief. We’ve spent hours sifting through paperwork, downloading … Continue reading

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