Common Financial Goal: Paying Bills On Time & Easily

As a Daily Money Manager I routinely help my clients achieve a specific financial goal: pay bills on time and create a system that’s easy for them to manage. In previous posts, I’ve talked a lot about reducing paper clutter, the chaos that typically surrounds organizing one’s personal and professional financial life. If you’re just catching up and your desk holds a mound of unsorted and unfiled paper, I encourage you to read those posts about gaining control before proceeding to this step.

Securing Your Golden Years: Advice from a Daily Money Manager

As a Daily Money Manager, I help seniors stay independent and manage their financial lives. The senior population continues to grow in numbers. According to the American Medical Association, 78 million Americans turned 65 in 2010. That number is expected to rise by 3 to 4 million each year. Coupled with the largest recession in decades, some Boomers have had to delay retirement. The good news is that Americans are doing a better job paying down debt. Forbes reported that we’ve reduced our average credit card debt from $16,383 (March 2010) to $14,517 (March 2012).

Financial Organization: A Weekly Habit

Probably the most important habit of financial organization is maintaining your in-flow and out-flow systems. If you know how to handle each financial related tasks and their accompanying paperwork or electronic version as they come in, then it can’t pile up to a level where you are overwhelmed or feel defeated.